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Resumen Curricular

F.Y. García Becerra is an Assistant Professor at UAM (Metropolitan Autonomous University, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City).  Her current research focuses on valorization of waste biomass and developing innovative sustainable wastewater technologies. She conducted postdoctoral work at CINVESTAV-IPN focusing on fungi/nanophotocatalic treatment of wastewater for reuse. In her doctorate at the University of Toronto, she designed and constructed an innovative bio-based refinery scheme (semi-pilot scale) to produce and recover biopolymers from wastewater activated sludge. She has 3 years of applied experience in process design of municipal wastewater treatment processes and asset management working from CH2M Hill’s Toronto office.  She was also Assistant Coordinator of CH2M Hill’s Canadian Water Business Group Sustainability Initiative. 


Postdoctoral Research (2013-2014). Department of de Biotechnology y Bioengineering (Laboratory of Xenobiotics), at CINVESTAV-IPN. Developed a sequential fungi/bacterial granular wastewater treatment to reduce waste sludge production. Valorized waste sludge produced. 

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto (UofT), Toronto, Canada (2010). Thesis: Recovery of Surface Active Material from Municipal Wastewater Activated Sludge. Supervisors: Acosta, E. & Allen D.

Master of Biotechnology, UofT, Toronto, Canada (2005).

Bachelor of Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico (2002).


Área de interés/experiencia en investigación

As an engineering professional, Dr. García Becerra aims to translate knowledge into practical and sustainable solutions to current and future environmental challenges. In particular, she addresses issues surrounding strategic sanitation solutions, and developing sustainable wastewater treatment plants as water and resource recovery facilities/biorefineries. She also has a keen interest in the sustainable management of assets and knowledge.

Biotechnology and Sanitation 

Physico-chemistry of microbial biopolymers and wastewater sludge.
Recovering value-added products from waste biomass.
Bio-based adhesives and detergents.
Bio-based surfactants and biosurfactants.
Extraction of biopolymers (protein, polysaccharides, lipids).
Membrane separation and fractionation
Sustainable sanitation (dry toilets)

Management and Interdisciplinary Fields

Municipal Asset Management (CAM, AMPs, etc)
Corporate Knowledge Management (transfer and retainment of both tacit and codified knowledge)
Sociotechnological adaptation of innovative technologies


Publicaciones en Revistas

Academic Publications

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Acosta E.J., Allen D.G. (2012). Wood Adhesives Based on Alkaline Extracts from Wastewater Biosolids and Mustard Protein. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, 89 (7), 1315-1323.

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Allen D.G., & Acosta E.J. (2010). Chapter 9: Surfactants from Waste Biomass, in Surfactants from Renewable Resources. Edited by M. Kjellin and I. Johansson, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Wiltshire, Great Britain, 167-185.

Garcia-Becerra F. Y., Acosta E. J., & Allen, D. G. (2010). Alkaline extraction of wastewater activated sludge biosolids. Bioresource Technology, 101(18), 6983-6991.

Garcia-Becerra F. Y., Acosta E. J., & Allen, D. G. (2009). Surfactant-like properties of alkaline extracts from wastewater biosolids. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 13(3), 261-271.

Industrial Publications

Parry D., Strehler J., Garcia-Becerra F. (2014). Chapter 7: Considerations for Selecting and Evaluating Resource Recovery Options, in Moving Towards Resource Recovery Facilities. Water Environment Federation.

Toffey W., Khunjar W. & Garcia-Becerra F. (2012). Section: Catalyzing Innovation, in The Energy Roadmap, A Water and Wastewater Utility Guide to More Sustainable Energy Management. Water Environment Federation.

Cameron White, Pure Technologies; Alan Johnson and Flor Garcia-Becerra, CH2M HILL (2011) Condition Assessment of York Region’s Forcemain. WEAO’s Influent Magazine, 34.

Memorias de Congreso

Hu Z, Porter D., Garcia-Becerra F.Y. Energy Optimization is Not Just Electrical - A Holistic Approach for Energy Optimization in WWTPs. Presented at the WEAO 2013 Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario, April 2013.

Iampietro M., Chau V., Garcia-Becerra F.Y. Business Review of the Asset Inspection Group Connections Program for the Regional Municipaliity of York. Presented at the WEAO 2013 Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario, April 2013.

Chau V., Lifton G., Garcia-Becerra F.Y. Levels of Service - What is Your Willingness to Pay? Presented at the WEAO 2013 Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario, April 2013.

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Garcia-Becerra, F. Y.; Sarabia-Rodríguez, L.E.; Aguilar-Melo, C.M.; Tapia-Orozco, N.G.; Rodríguez-Vázquez, R. Novel treatment of municipal wastewater for water reuse with green coffee bean microbial consortium and Nano-TiO2/UV photocatalysis . International Water Association (IWA) Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014, Mexico City, Mexico. May 2014.

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Acosta E.J, Allen D.G. Production of Detergents from Wastewater Sludge. Presented at the 8th World Conference of Chemical Engineering, Montreal, Quebec. August 2009.

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Acosta E.J, Allen D.G. Poster: Extraction of Value Added Products from Waste Activated Sludge. Poster session presented at the 82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition Conference (WEFTEC), Orlando, Florida. October 2009.

Garcia Becerra F.Y., Acosta E.J, Allen D.G. Production of Biosurfactants from Wastewater Sludge. Presented at the 82nd Colloid and Surface Science Symposium from the American Chemical Society Division of Colloid and Surface Science. June 2008.

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Otra Información de Relevancia Académica

Dr. García Becerra is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada.